Privacy Notice 
By submitting a disclosure you consent to the University of Sheffield processing the data (including sensitive personal data) you provide in this disclosure in accordance with this privacy notice, and the University's Data Protection Policy.  We may  use  the  information  you  provide  for  the  purpose  of: 

  • Helping  us  to  identify  the  most appropriate person  for  you  to  speak  to about your disclosure;
  • Providing  the  identified  person/adviser  with  your  contact  details  (if  you  have  provided them)  and  the details of your disclosure, to enable them  to  understand the  nature  of  your  concern  or  the  incident  you  are  disclosing so that they can best support you; 
  •  Where applicable, reviewing your disclosure and using it to take further action if required and/or requested.  For example,  taking forward a disciplinary investigation against the reported party.  You can read more about this on the Student Administration Service conduct webpages and the University's HR webpages. As part of  any investigation process, the relevant University team will write to you to keep you informed about what we are doing. 
  • Once we have concluded any actions we have taken,  we will write to you to inform you of the outcome.  (We will retain your personal information only for as long as is necessary, in accordance with the University’s retention policies and the relevant legislation following completion of your studies/end of your staff contract.    We may retain some information to monitor our work in this area but you will not be identifiable from this information.  

Your identity and your other personal data will be disclosed within the University of Sheffield on a  need to know basis only and will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent, unless there are legitimate reasons requiring us to do so,  for example,  where the information you have provided highlights a  potential risk to your or another person’s health and safety. In such circumstances, we will take reasonable action to manage the risk and protect individuals; therefore we may deem it necessary to share information with third parties, including the Police, but will always try to seek your cooperation with this to minimise the impact on you. 
Please be aware that if you disclose on an anonymous basis, the University of Sheffield is not able to commit to taking any formal action.  However,  the University of Sheffield will review and keep an anonymised record of your report to identify whether there have been/are other similar reports and whether there is a  pattern of behaviour or trends which should be addressed.  For us to be able to assist you fully,  we encourage you to report with your personal details.  
We are collecting this information because the  University has a  legitimate interest in ensuring staff and students at the  University are safe and receiving support for any incident(s) and/or concerns affecting them.   
Legal Information 
The University is processing this information in accordance with Article 6.1 (a): consent, and Article 9.2 (a) Special Category consent, of the General Data Protection Regulation. 
The University’s Privacy Notices can be accessed at this web page: 
Please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to our Data Protection Team:   

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