Please note that any student who discloses an incident of bullying, harassment or sexual violence will not be subject to disciplinary action by the University if they have engaged in behaviour in violation of the social distancing and public health measures taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic at the time of the incident or events leading up to the incident.  
Disclosing with personal details: 
If you have disclosed with your personal details, then a member of the University’s Central Welfare and Guidance team will receive your report. 
They will ask one of the relevant advisers within their team to contact you via phone or email to invite you to meet with them in person. (If you would prefer to continue to communicate via email/ over the phone then this is also absolutely fine). 
If what you are disclosing relates to sexual or relationship violence/harassment then we will ensure that the person contacting you is one of our specialist Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (SVLOs). 
When you meet with an adviser they will then be able to: 
● Talk to you in more detail about the incident that you’re disclosing
● Discuss the support you need or would like to consider and help you to access this. This could include support relating to your physical health, mental health, sexual health (for example access to STI checks and contraceptive advice) 
● Make a referral to external support services, if appropriate. For example, specialist sexual assault or domestic abuse organisations 
● Provide further information about your formal reporting options 
             ○ to the police 
             ○ and/or to the University (if the reported person is a University of Sheffield student or staff member). 
At this initial stage you do not have to make a formal report to either the Police or the University. We want to ensure that you have as much information as possible to make an informed choice about your reporting options. If you decide that you only want to access support from the University, and do not want to make a formal report, then you will not be pressured to do so. 
There may however be situations where we need to take action despite your wishes; we will always seek your co-operation with this and try to minimise the impact on you, but if we believe there is a risk to you, or to another person/ people, we will take reasonable action to manage the risk and protect the relevant parties. 
If your disclosure relates to another student and you decide that you would like the University to consider initiating an investigation, then we will pass your details onto the University’s Student Conduct and Appeals team - who will contact you directly to provide further information. 
Disclosing Anonymously
If you have disclosed anonymously then we will not be able to contact you directly in order to offer support, however we strongly encourage you to read the support information available on the Report + Support site. If your disclosure relates to Sexual violence/harassment then you may also find the support resources at www.consentcollective.com/sheffield helpful. 
If at any point you would like to access further support you can submit a report with your personal details via Report + Support.  

There are two ways you can tell us what happened